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Rajib Roy (1980- ) is a software developer, entrepreneur, and author who was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He attained a Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology and a Master’s in Computer Engineering from Heriot-Watt University. Today, Rajib lives in Dubai, with his wife and his two sons.

In his day job, Rajib runs his own software company, with branches in Dubai, Qatar, India, and Bangladesh. He has been instrumental in the start-up of several businesses and been responsible for building several hundred projects which are now running successfully in different enterprises.

Having always had an interest in technology, Rajib has written more than 100 articles for technical journals and websites. He has written best-selling and authoritative books on lead generation and mobile app development. 

His first book, “Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine”, published in 2020, was a smashing success and became one of the best-selling books in that category. In 2021, he published another book, “Million Dollar Apps”, which laid out the formula to create a million-dollar mobile app business successfully. 

In his spare time, Rajib spends much of it with his family, but he is also heavily interested in technology, and enjoys photography and reading, usually getting through 4 to 5 books per month.

As far as the future is concerned, Rajib wants to become someone who leaves a lasting impression by changing the society he lives in with ever-greater advances in technology. He may also continue to write more books and articles.

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