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Million Dollar App: The definitive guide to create a million dollar app business from scratch

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    4/10/2021 12:00:00 AM

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The book, “Million Dollar App”, is the definitive guide to create a million-dollar mobile app business from scratch. The process of mobile app development is not just limited to the development stage; It begins with the pre-development stage, followed by the development stage, and ends with the post-development stage.

The book goes into great detail about these three stages and explains every concept associated with these stages. Along with the three stages, you will also learn how you can use your mobile app to create a successful mobile app business. 

The entire process of creating an app-based business has been laid out in the form of an easy-to-follow formula. Concepts are explained in simple and easy-to-understand English, and even non-technical people can understand what the book is trying to explain.

The book sequentially explains the idea behind creating million-dollar apps, planning out the financials, marketing, and execution of the idea in the pre-development stage. The development stage elaborates how you can collaborate with the development team to develop your mobile app, what platforms, frameworks, and architectures to use for the development process along with important guidelines for development and testing.

The journey doesn’t end once the app development is completed. You will learn how to publish and market the application at this stage. This stage is all about the business aspect of the app. You will know the things you have to do to succeed in your app-based business. 

By following the formula laid out in the book, you will greatly increase your chances of successfully creating your own million-dollar mobile app business.

Why choose this mobile app business guide?

This book, unlike other books in this category, covers all aspects of an app-based business. Some books only cover the development side of the app, while others only talk about the business side of a mobile app. This book covers it all, extensively.

Who is this guide intended for?

It doesn’t matter what kind of mobile app business you want to get into. Whether it’s an ecommerce app or a service booking application, or even a mobile game, the general guidelines mentioned in the book apply to all. This guide is for those who want to create a financially successful mobile app.

“I’m not experienced in mobile app development, can this book help me?”

It does not matter if you are a mobile app developer or a business that’s looking to create a mobile app business through your app. The book breaks down the development process thoroughly and even if you are not a mobile app developer, you will know how to exchange your ideas and collaborate with the developers to ensure the right development process takes place.

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