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Turn Your Website Into a Lead Machine

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    306 pages

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    30 April 2020

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The purpose of this book is to help you understand the buyer's journey and behavior on your website, and how you can design your website based on that information. Building your website centered around this information will make your website into a lead-generating machine.

The book is written in simple English, which is easy to understand and comprehend. The author has tried to write this book in such a way that the readers feel as if he is talking to them directly. There are plenty of examples provided by the author in the text, to make it easy for the reader to understand the concepts that are explained in the book. These examples come from the author's personal experience of 17 years of website design and development.

After reading this book, you should be well-versed in knowing your buyer, understanding their persona, behavior, and journey on your website. You will learn the different reasons why your website fails to generate leads, and how to avoid them when building your website.

The other concepts important to website design (such as SEO, Digital Marketing, UI, and UX) are also explained in this book. Along with the design, content plays an important role in lead generation, and a whole chapter is dedicated to how you can write converting content for your website. You will also learn website redesign strategy, and how to design the important pages of your website.

You can treat this book as a guide, and refer to it anytime you need to brush up on your knowledge of a topic.

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