Tracing the Phases of Royex Technologies' Growth since 2013


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Every successful business has a story, and at the heart of every story are phases of growth and transformation that shape the company's trajectory. In the case of Royex Technologies, our journey from a fledgling startup to a reputable tech firm is marked by distinct stages, each characterized by unique challenges, strategies, and achievements.

Founded in 2013, Royex Technologies started with a modest vision to provide outsourcing services to larger corporations. Over the years, we have navigated a path of steady progress, undergoing pivotal transitions, and evolving our business model. As we continue to strive towards excellence, let's take a closer look at the phases that have brought us here.


Phase One: The Establishment (2011-2017)

Royex Technologies was founded in 2011 with the primary objective of providing outsourcing services to larger corporations. This first phase, extending up to 2017, marked the laying of our business's sturdy foundation, consolidating our expertise, and establishing the company's identity.

Phase Two: Client-centric Approach (2018 onwards)

From 2018, we saw a substantial shift in our operations. This new phase was characterized by direct client engagements, a departure from our earlier ties and commitments. Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with our former clients, we were compelled to start from a blank slate with no projects to exhibit in our portfolio.

To cultivate our portfolio, we embraced a unique strategy of providing our services for a minimal cost or even for free to a select few initial clients. One noteworthy instance is our work with EMAAR for a mere 6000 AED. Though the project required three months to develop and over a year of support, the experience proved invaluable for our future trajectory.

Phase Three: Ascension to a Premium Brand (Until 2023)

As our portfolio swelled and our reputation solidified, we transitioned into the third phase of our journey. This period saw us raising our prices and transitioning Royex Technologies into a premium brand. By 2023, our team grew to a robust 60 members, and we had collaborated with over 400 companies, including several government departments and a host of corporate firms. To sustain our high standards of service, we adjusted our pricing strategy continually.

Phase Four: Preparing for the Future (2023 onwards)

As we step into 2023, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture in our growth story. With our high-quality services and corresponding prices, we have inadvertently made ourselves less accessible to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our current pricing limits the range of clients we can cater to.

This fourth phase of our journey is fraught with both opportunities and challenges. To navigate it successfully, we're committed to adopting new strategies, including expanding our market to other countries, diversifying our services, and enlisting the expertise of professionals experienced with larger corporations.

While it's not possible to share all our strategies publicly at this stage, we're excited about the prospects ahead. We're ready to learn, grow, and adapt to the changing business landscape, and perhaps, our success story might make its way into a book someday.

As we enter this new phase, we wish ourselves the best of luck. We are devoted to ensuring that Royex Technologies continues its successful journey, growing, and evolving with the changing times.

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