What Excite me more about Artificial Intelligence


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What Excite me more about Artificial Intelligence (AI helps us to find true uses for our brain, and AI is the Great Knowledge Equalizer)

AI helps us to find true uses for our brain:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has me thrilled for many reasons. The first one? It's about our journey towards embracing our humanity even more. You see, our traditional education system, as it stands, focuses mainly on memorizing an immense amount of information, and exams are geared towards testing how much of that we can recall. But I don't believe in that approach.

The True Power of Learning: Creation and Innovation

The important question should be: 'Given what I've learned, can I create something entirely new, something that doesn't even exist yet?' That's the real magic of learning, isn't it?

Humans vs. AI: The Creativity Contest

AI gives us this chance to shine. With AI in the mix, we're going to push ourselves to act more intelligently, to outperform it by thinking outside the box. Even though AI can quickly generate smart results based on what it knows and how it's been trained, we have something that it doesn't: the ability to think creatively and originally.

This competition will lead to something extraordinary. Just think of all the amazing, creative stuff we're going to come up with in the future! AI may be smart, but it can't beat the way we humans think. We're far ahead, and that gap will only increase in the future.

AI is the Great Knowledge Equalizer:

And there's another exciting aspect of AI: it's going to create balance in knowledge distribution. Knowledge access and dissemination vary widely today - across different parts of the world and different socio-economic classes. But AI will help bridge that gap.

Take ChatGPT, for instance. It holds the collective knowledge of all humanity. Ask it a question, and it will provide you with an answer based on all the information it has. This knowledge is accessible to everyone, no matter who they are or where they're from. It's a game-changer. Thanks to AI, we're heading towards an era of knowledge equilibrium!

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